Post your Review of Why Not Me?

Cover of Why Not Me by Raymond Rodriguez-Torres

Have you read Why Not Me?  Please post your review by leaving a comment.  Thank you for your support!

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36 Responses to Post your Review of Why Not Me?

  1. PF says:

    WOW!! Amazing and truly inspiring. I read this book in one day couldn’t put it down. Thank you so much for sharing your story it really touched me and motivated me to make changes in my life.

  2. AA says:

    This book inspired me in so many ways. Not only does Raymond Rodriguez-Torres relay a beautiful story of a miracle, he teaches you to practice what he learned in everyday life. You don’t have to be on the brink of tragedy to come to the realization that Faith, not Hope, is the only choice the will lead you to peace and eventually to the Kingdom of Heaven. I have decided to use this important lesson in raising my children and will teach it to them to help them overcome adversity. Thank you, Raymond, for the gift of this book. Bella will always be in our prayers – Victory in Christ!

  3. Miguel Sosa says:

    This is a great and inspiring book. I read it last night and was blown away by this miracle. Thank you for sharing your story!
    Miguel Sosa
    Miami, Beach, FL

  4. Rebecca Steppe says:

    My copy of your book “Why Not Me” arrived yesterday. I was so delighted to see Bella’s precious autograph and thank you too Raymond for signing the book. I started the book after dinner last night and finished it tonight. It is incredibly beautiful and amazing. I am so happy to have a copy of this book, because I have shared Bella’s story with my children and so many friends, and now they can read it for themselves. I am planning to order additional copies to give as gifts and regret not ordering multiple copies when I placed my original order. My prayers for Bella and all of you continue as I ask God to keep you all in His loving care. Thank you for sharing so much of your personal life with us. And thank you especially for letting Bella’s miracle be known.

  5. R. Guieb says:

    I got this book yesterday and read it in its entirety. This family is a gem, its was a pleasure reading such an inspirational story. Love and Light

  6. Cris Estepe says:

    WOW is all I can about this book. Please consider ordering it online, buying it in store, or even on your Kindle (which is what I did) … It is one of the most beautiful & inspiring books I have EVER read … and I read A LOT. Profits go to pediatric cancer research & chatiry. It’s a truly incredible story. You won’t regret it! It will truly inspire you & make you believe in miracles again

    • Janice Busigo-Cordero says:

      Me gusto mucho ver la linda familia de Raymond y Shannah Rodriguez en el programa de Caso Cerrado y ya estoy leyendo el libro. Voy por la parte de “Vale la pena el intento” y se que si vale la pena el intento de levantarse todos los dias y empezar de nuevo y dar las gracias a Jesus y a la Virgen Maria. Primero por estar con nosotros y ayudarnos dia a dia. Segundo por sembrar una semillita de fe en todos q creemos en los milagros de Dios. Por ultimo, el no desanimarse y pensar que Dios nos ha dejado solos. Jesus siempre esta donde uno menos lo espera. Siempre hay un porque en esta vida y hay q encontrarlo con humildad y entrega total a la voluntad de Dios. God bless the Rodriguez-Torres family today and always. Bella is a special, little one destined to be in God’s favor. Amen.

  7. Kevin Rovner says:

    It is hard to put into words how this book touched me. I opened the book and an hour or so later I finished it. I couldn’t say how many times during my read that I would just close the book and stare at that beautiful girl on the cover in awe. This book is a true door to the Word. G-d bless the author for sharing it with others. Faith over hope.

  8. Nicole Vacca says:

    This is a true story because I witnessed it, felt it, struggled with it but never lost faith that Bella would pull through. Bella is my niece, Shannah is my sister and Raymond is my brother-in-law. This book is inspirational and proves that with true faith, prayer and love that miracles and perserverence happens. It is SO important that people read and share this story with others because it gives humanity hope and can change peoples’ outlook on life and life’s joys in general. Remember, FAITH, FAMILY AND LOVE is why we are here and this book shows you that! Additionally, most importantly ALL proceeds from buying this book go towards Pediatric Cancer Research, there isn’t enough research and WE NEED to come together and do something about this fact!

  9. Catherine L. Hibbard says:

    This is a story for everyone, about the journey of a family through a great trial and a great victory in Christ. There is something here to inspire those of faith and those without, those facing trials (who isn’t?) and those tempted with a sense of hopelessness. God is alive and this is a witness of His tender love, and the love of his Mother, Mary, for each of us exactly the way we are. It is beautiful story of the power of prayer and the promise of Mark 11:24. Give yourself the gift of reading this book and receive the gifts hidden for you within. You cannot read it without being inspired. God bless you all.

  10. KNR says:

    This book is the inspirational true story of a modern day miracle. It clearly demonstrates that God is always in control and great things happen when we surrender ourselves to his compassion and mercy. This precious little girl defies all the odds, because God wills it and fills her with everything she needs to beat cancer. Of course the doctors can’t explain it; but those with true faith CAN. Read it today, it will inspire you to believe that nothing is impossible to God.

  11. Louise Faust says:

    I am overwhelmed with the book “Why Not Me”. I absolutely devoured the book, like in 2 hours. Thanks so much, Raymond, for your amazing message of FAITH!

    Much love,
    Louise Faust

  12. Stephanie Field says:

    I could not put the book down once I started reading. I could hear Raymond telling the story as I read, laughed and cried. I first heard Bella’s story from Raymond and Shannah, have shared it with many people and now have read it in this wonderful book. The story of God’s miraculous work in Bella gives me chills and goosebumps everytime I hear the story or tell it to someone. This book is a testament to the power of our Almighty God and the victory we have through Christ Jesus. Read the story- you will be encouraged and have your own faith renewed.

  13. Ali Garcia says:

    Words cannot descibe how inspirational this book is and what it meant to me personally. I always thought my relationship with God was strong but WOW do I still have a long way to go. This book has inspired me to be a better person and to grow my faith ten-fold. We are given so many gifts that we take for granted, I will choose to live my life differently and appreciate even more those gifts that I’ve been given and give back as much as possible. I have said it over and over again, this book is the best book I have ever read. Bella you are an angel and Rayna, Shannah and Raymond you as well. You are amazing friends and have touched us in so many ways. We thank God for putting you in our lives and we are here for you whenever needed.

  14. Larry McHugh says:

    This book was given to me by my daughter. I am 73 years old and have been away from my faith for the past 27 years. It has been a very long time, but it has taken this book to open my eyes. I am embarrassed that I’ve been away from God for so long, but as I read about this family and this little girl; something happened. I now know what I need to do. I am going back to the church and will tell everyone about this story. Thank you, from an old man’s heart for sharing your story. And thank you Misty, for caring about me enough to give it to me.

  15. Matthew Hovde says:

    Why Not Me continually moved me to tears. I was drawn so into Raymond’s life, and able to witness the miracle of Bella along side him. It is such a powerful reminder of the glory of Jesus Christ over pain, suffering, and death. It too reminds us that the Cross must be born to attain that glory, and can even be “born as a gift” (Constitutions of the Congregation of Holy Cross). Raymond’s complete openness with the reader allows us to truly witness, and rejoice in, the saving power of God, and the beauty and hope we can all find in “Mommy Church”.

    Matthew Hovde
    Moreau Seminary

  16. L Velazquez says:

    This book has truly changed my life. I am an adult living with stage 4 cancer. A sarcoma, the same type of cancer Bella had. I have always had faith, but this book renewed and lifted my spirit. I now thank God for everyday I am here on this earth, and have learned to ask everyone I know to pray. One of the most important things I learned from the book was the difference between Hope and Faith. Hope is wishing something will happen. Faith is BELIEVING it will happen. I am now part of the army that prays for Bella every day. Praise God for His goodness!

  17. Jenny Meruelo says:

    Amazing Book! Finished reading it and it has been truly inspiring and really makes you re-assess your faith. There really is nothing impossible with God! Raymond, Shannah, and Rayna…..Bella could not have any better angels on Earth than you guys. Bella and the Rodriguez-Torres family will forever be in my prayers.

  18. Barbara Rodriguez-Lluis says:

    Just finished the book, I could hardly put it down. An amazing story of courage and family. Bella is so blessed to have the family she has. The miracles were no surprise to me, as I am a firm believer. Yet the inspiration of Roberto’s words to not just hope but believe, were a great reminder to work harder on my faith. Thank you for sharing. I will purchase more books to share with my friends and family and try and find it in Spanish, my parents who are also immigrants from Cuban will be able to relate to the hardships and triumph of immigrating from Cuba to California. I will continue to join your army and keep Bella in my prayers.

  19. Heather Robertson says:

    I read the book, cover to cover, on Friday night. This was the same night I received word that one of our good friends, sixteen year old son has relapsed again. I had no idea that I needed to read Bella’s story, I just couldn’t put it down. And even though I had met and heard part of Bella’s story from Raymond and Shannah directly, the book was so much more than Bella’s cancer journey. Thank you Raymond, for your beautiful story of faith and healing. We continue to pray for Bella!

  20. maricela says:

    hola…solo queria decirles q estoy muy contenta porq Dios esta con bella y fue el
    y nada mas q El,el que la sano…. para mi
    solo Dios y su hijo jesucristo pueden hacer milagros…que DIos siga glorificandose en bella y derramando bendiciones sobre ella y su familia….recuerden cristo los ama!!! y El salva tu vida.

  21. jessica says:

    Omg I’m watching caso cerado rite now on chanel 99! Is true if u really belive in god god well do something miracle like he did to bella!god bless bella everyday in her life! Thank god!

  22. HUGO O MORA says:

    Dr. Raymond & Flia, He visto el programa de Caso Cerrado y de verdad que estoy muy gratamente sorprendido y contento con el maravilloso milagro que Dios y la Virgen de Guadalupe le realizo a BELLA, tengan la absoluta seguridad que formare parte de es gran ejercito de oracion constante para la total recuperacion de BELLA,…., a su vez les quiero preguntar lo siguiente, Que sienten Ustedes Dr & Esposa, tener tan cerca de Ustedes a la Virgen a travez de Bella?…, felicitaciones y DIOS TODO LO PUEDE,que viva BELLA por siempre y en perfecta salud y sabiduria…, atentamente. Ing. Hugo O. Mora

  23. Leonora Popoteur- Santiago Rep. Dominicana says:

    Que hermoso poder ver la grandesa de Dios a tráves del milagro de Bella, nuestro señor se manifiesta de tantas maneras. Dios siga bendiciendo grandemente su familia hasta el final de sus dias.

  24. hola..
    la verdad es una historia muy inspiradora, k al momento de estarla biendo en caso cerrado me ponia la piel chinita y un hueco en el corazon, tengo una tia cn cancer, la verdad no me se el nombre, pero ni ganas de saberlo da, solo se k eta en la etapa final, el cancer mas agresivo y peligro k ay. y al ver a Bella una nina tan sana tan perfecta me doy cuenta k los milagros si existen y k la Virgen de Guadalupe estan precisa al hacer k nosotros sus hijos seamos felices… les mando muchas bendiciones y un gran abrazo a su familia y gracias por compartir su gran milagro con nosotros….

    citlali baeza y familia

  25. Patty V-Ch. says:

    Muchas Felicidades, por la alegria que hoy estan viviendo de ver a su nena totalmente recuperada a travez de este gran milagro de Dios y la Virgen de Guadalupe.
    Yo tambien formare parte de ese ejercito de oracion por BELLA para que siga sana por siempre; y por los demas niños y adultos porque no; que pueden estar recorriendo este mismo camino, pero con la esperanza y fe de recuperarse.

  26. Hola Bella en este dia de tu cumpleaños te deseo lo mejor del mundo , y que dios te bendiga y te cuide mucho.Al ver tu historia en Caso Cerrado me motivo mucho y me alegro mucho mucho que te hubieras salvado de esa enfermedad tan dañina y mala pero gracias a Dios y a la virgen hoy en dia te encuentras bien y sana ..Te deseo mucho bien .FELICIDADES

  27. Hola Bella en este dia tan especial te deseo lo mejor del mundo y mucha Felicidades de desde lo mas hondo de mi corazon .Me alegro mucho que estes bien y sana .Que dios y la virgen de Guadalupe te protejan siempre , te cuiden y que te alegen de todo lo malo .Espero que disfrutes este dia tan lindo al maximo con tu familia y la gente que te quiere ..Te desea lo maximo ,, Yeline

  28. Carmen Colon - Lawrence, MA says:

    Hola Bella: Feliz Cumpleaños, desde que ví ese hermoso milgros de Nuestra Madre “La Virgencita Morena, quede muy impactada llamé a todos mis hermanos de la iglesia para que lo vieran, envie textos a los telefonos y rapido busque toda la imformación quiero que sepas que en este riconsito frio de Boston, MA estamos todos orando por ti y tu hermosa familia, hoy en tu cumpleaños te ofrecí la misa a “Tu Mami Church” por tí, fue una misa hermosa donde no pude contener mis lagrimas de tan hermoso dia para ti. Muchas, pero muchas bediciones para ti y tu familia que Dios todo poderoso los continue bendiciendo. Visita nuestra emisora del internet 24 horas de oración y tambien……Besitos y bendiciones ……Me uno a su ejercito de oración. Espero ansiosa mis libros uno para mi y otro para una amiga de regalito de navidad. FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS BELLA

  29. Mary says:

    Su historia realmente me conmovio. Tuve la oportunidad de ver el programa de Caso Cerrado,
    Edicion Estelar. Realmente es algo que como Cristianos, nos afirma mas nuestra fe, sin importar
    de que religion tu seas. Dios es grande, y si, la oracion mueve montañas!! Que Dios les bendiga.
    Gracias por ser una inspiracion para seguir adelante.

  30. CARMEN PAEZ says:

    Sr.Sra. Rodriquez.udes. no saben cuanto me ha impactado este milagro. soy madre de una hija de 32 anos con cancer en el ovario izquierdo,, la han operado 2 veces y desde junio de este ano le estan dando quimo, el 6 de diciembre del 2010 le tomaron un MRI donde los resultado sera el 21 de este, y es tanta mi fe en la oracion q. ya canto victoria, porq. se q. todo ha sido curado. ami hija la tienen en oracion en todo el mundo porq. hice omo ud, cadena de oracion,y todavian me la tienen en mi pais donde nai colombia, nosotros vivimos en florida,mi esposo me ordeno el libro. happy b-day Bella. huracanes de bendiciones para tus padre y para ti ricas pero ricas bendiciones.este caso fue en caso cerrado dioscito bendiga ala dra. polo. merrys x-mas y happy new year 2011. de parte dela familia paez,

  31. maria says:

    que caso mas bello q Dios y la virjen de guadalupe los sigan bendiciendo y protejiendo

  32. maria jose torres yañez says:

    hola bella sabes aca en mi pais supimos lo que pasaste gracias a caso cerrado yo te puedo decir que cuando estaba viendo el programa llore mucho y no me explico como pudiste aguantar tanto aca las personas tienen problemas muy pequeños y sienten que el mundo se les va acabar eres un ejemplo para ver que los problemas que uno pueda tener no son nada que todo con fe se puede ojala estes muy bien quiero darle las gracias a tus padres ya que nunca se rindieron y lucharon por ti y tu para se ve que te ama mucho y tu mama tambien cuida mucho los padres que dios te dio sigue creyendo en ellos ya que cuando uno mas los necesita te ayudan
    besitos maria jose torres yañez
    cuidate mucho ok

  33. Avelina Nunez-Amador says:

    Wow no se por donde empezar a escribir. Se lo que es el cancer y todo lo que nos provoca tanto fisca como emocionalmente. Mi prima desgraciadamente murio de cancer en la matriz, a mi cunada le diagnosticaron cancer de seno y de higado, y a mi mama le diagnosticaron cancer de seno. Fui yo quien le dio la noticia mi mama de ke tenia cancer…recuerdo perfecto el dia, estaba en mi trabajo y me lo dijeron por telefono todo a mi alrededor desaparecio solo quedo para mi el lugar donde tenia mis pies puestos….es horrible. Hoy doy gracias a dios de que mi mama esta bien, mi cunada tambien……le mando a Bella todas las bendiciones que dios la cuide y siempre siempre ilumine su camino. A los padres de Bella quiero decirles ke los admiro por su fe, fortaleza que dios los bendiga y que siempre les ilumine su camino

  34. Windalis says:


  35. rodolfo santiago ;) says:

    amigo! me pongo y comprometo en la cadena de oración hacia bella. estoy muy orgulloso y contento por el hermoso milagro que hizo Dios 😀 Dios existe!!!!! muchos saludos y bendiciones
    my friend I put all my heart in the prayer chain!! good luck in your life and congratulation for your beatiful and interesting book 😉

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